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  • From Biosciences to Bioproduction

    "TWB START-UP DAY – From Biosciences to Bioproduction" - 12 February 2019, Toulouse – France

    TWB organizes an international event in Toulouse on 12 February 2019 targeting industrial biotech start-ups. The TWB START-UP DAY aims to present the ecosystem dedicated to start-ups and to help them to raise funds, grow and reach their market.
    The program will answer to four major questions that are at the heart of start-ups’ strategy:

    How to get funded?
    How to define the business model?
    How to be innovative?
    How to reach the market?

    The day will be divided into keynotes, brief notes and roundtables, and long enough networking times. A pitch contest “Pitch me your biotech start up / TWB Award 2019” with a great reward is also organized.

    The event is dedicated to start-uppers desiring to develop their activity, to investors looking for new operations and to any new European actor in industrial biotechnology. 

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